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What’s a popper?

In gardening, as in life, there are times when we are short time, money or we just yearn to be thought of as something akin to a smart garden designer. (Sometimes it's all three.) We may have an answer here.

Items in this video!

1. Hanging Baskets - Click Here

2. Calibrachoa 'Minifamous Double Blue' - Click Here

3. Santavitalia 'Sunbini' - Click Here

4. Geranium 'Cascade Lila Compact' - Click Here



  1. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Hi Linda! It’s always good to hear from you … (either in person or online). I’m excited about those poppers but I do like your idea of “Insta- Basket” too! (Yes, there’s a Live your Passion somewhere in there too.)

  2. Linda Linda

    That's LITERALLY a genius idea. Insta-Basket. All these bakers who want to bake but have little time or expertise grabbing a roll of cookie dough or a pie shell for a fast pie. Now gardeners can do the same and get the rewards (and beauty). Literally why we all come to's always innovative and matching the type of gardener we are to the type of amazing plants we can showcase. I was literally impressed! Did I miss LIVE YOUR PASSION??? :)

  3. Mary Mary

    LOVE, LOVE each and every email I receive. Sorry not to live in Oregon as your nursery is my ALL time favorite! Stunning presentations at your nursery. Your personality is the icing on the “cake”

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