Geranium 'Cascade Lila Compact' 4 Inch

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The term "late bloomer" describes people whose talents are slow to appear, and this could be applied to ivy geraniums as well. 'Cascade Lila Compact' geranium is a prolific bloomer from summer into the fall; it just starts a bit later than some other summer-flowering annuals. This variety is so named because it spreads "only" 24 inches, making it a perfect candidate for hanging baskets and container planters. Its smooth, slightly shiny, rounded green leaves add a brightness and textural interest, along with lots of pinkish-purple flowers. Unlike zonal geraniums, ivy geraniums prefer a bit a shade in the hottest part of the day. 

Common Name: Miniature Ivy Geranium, Cascade Lila Compact Geranium
Mature Size: 12" - 16" tall, 20" - 24" wide (long)
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Pinkish-purple
Bloom Time: Summer to fall
Structure: Mounding, trailing
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