Torenia 'Summer Wave Large Amethyst' 4 inch

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This particular torenia is a welcome addition to the shade garden, providing a beautiful amethyst color that isn't that common in shade-blooming annual flowers. 'Summer Wave Large Amethyst' torenia is a natural for hanging baskets and container planters, cascading over the edges with nicely branching foliage. The snapdragon-like blooms have wishbone-shaped stamens, so plant this annual where you can see it up close.

Common Name: Summer Wave Large Amethyst torenia, Wishbone Flower
Mature Size: 8" - 10" tall, 20" - 30" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Morning sun, afternoon shade, or all-day filtered sun
Bloom Color: Amethyst
Bloom Time: Late spring into fall
Structure: Trailing
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