Torenia 'Summer Wave Bouquet White' 4 Inch

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If you're looking for an alternative to the standard shade annuals - begonias, impatiens, and fuchsias - consider 'Summer Wave Bouquet White' torenia. Mounding nicely to six to twelve inches tall and spreading up to 20 inches wide, its a natural for borders, container planters, and hanging baskets. Its snapdragon-like flowers start in late spring and continue up to frost, brightening shady areas of the garden. Torenia pairs beautifully with other shade annuals or perennials, creating lush, full baskets and planters.

Common Name: Summer Wave Bouquet White Torenia
Mature Size: 6" - 12" tall, 12" - 20" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Morning sun, afternoon shade, or all-day filtered sun
Bloom Color: White with trace of yellow
Bloom Time: Late spring into fall
Structure: Mounding, trailing
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