Hoya pubicalyx 4 Inch

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Not to be confused with its cousin, Hoya carnosa, this Wax Vine has narrow, lance-shaped leaves that are speckled with color rather than edged with white. Hoyas are pet-friendly, which is a good thing since they trail vigorously, often dangling enticingly within a pet’s reach. Alternatively, give Hoya support so it can climb upwards. In either case, the Wax Vine is happiest with a well-lit room and deep but infrequent watering. 

Common Name: Wax Plant, Wax Vine
Mature Size: Trails or climbs up to 8 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
Optimum Temperature: 60°-80° F
Characteristics: Houseplant, pet-friendly
Light: Moderately to well-lit room, no direct sun
Water: Water thoroughly when top inch of soil is dry
Structure: Trailing or climbing with support
Bloom Color: Depends upon variety, range of white to purple
Uses: Houseplant, indoor container planters, hanging baskets
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