Cosmos a. 'Choca Mocha' 1 Gallon

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Chocolate Cosmos is a one-of-a-kind, must-have flower that gardeners will literally seek out each summer. Prolific reddish-brown flowers dance above 10 - 12 inch mounds of foliage and are chocolate-scented, attracting both humans and pollinators. We treat this tuberous perennial as an annual here in the Pacific NW although the tubers may be dug up after the foliage dies back in the fall and stored on damp peat moss (like dahlias). Alternatively, grow Chocolate Cosmos in a container planter that can be brought into the garage during the winter, and water sparingly until it can be put back out in the spring. No guarantees on its return, but the effort may be worth it if you really love this unique summer flower.

Common Name: Chocolate Cosmos
Mature Size: 10" - 12" tall, 12" - 18" wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: 25 ° F
Characteristics: Tuberous perennial, usually grown as an annual, deer resistant, fragrant, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Mounding
Bloom Color: Deep red to brown
Bloom Time: Summer into fall
Uses: Woodland gardens, cut-flower gardens, container planters, borders, hanging baskets
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