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Will it make a difference?

Will it make a difference?


It's that time of year in the garden where summer truly gives way to the fall season. For gardeners, it is time for the change. But here I ask honestly: Will it make a difference?



  1. Donna Jones Donna Jones

    It added a nice warmth to the home. I agree with all of the above comments. I'd like to see more landscaping, but I think owners want to keep it simple? Add a couple potted plants in front of the brick work. That would round out the lower level, if nothing else is added. Did they just move in recently?

  2. Debbi Canepa Debbi Canepa

    I love the window boxes and hanging plants, they certainly improve the look of the home. And they are gorgeous by themselves. However, the surrounding yard looks very stark. They really need more plants. :)

  3. Nancy Nancy

    Yes, flowers are always better if done tastefully. The hanging pots might look better in black to match window box’s.

  4. Patricia Werth Patricia Werth

    Those window boxes definitely made a huge difference in making the house more welcoming.

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