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  1. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Hi Lori! When digging up a plant to transplant to a better, happier place I always have to remind myself to take my time digging. The less I disturb the primary roots the better the chance of it surviving it’s new home. I want to get it done (I dig the new hole first) but if it takes me a day or longer so be it. (I’ll take plenty of breaks.) So my advice? Keep digging and get as many roots as you can handle. Garden On!

  2. Lori Lori

    Hi Jonn, as always great inspiration coming from you!! Question, I need to move a big Lupine, yup, put it in the wrong spot. Will it hurt it if you break off the big tap root? My soil is so nice they grow quite deep. Sure would love your advice.

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