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We call it “moss cloth”

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn ‘J-Dogg’ Karsseboom
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Ever have that old frame from a previously once glorious hanging basket? It's sitting there in the garage (or potting shed) but to find a new liner for it that fits as good as the first one may be an impossible task. I might have a solution. It's nice looking, lasts longer, and can be adapted for all shapes and sizes.


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  1. Cascade DuSel Cascade DuSel

    It looks great! I saw that stuff in the shop last month and I'm definitely going to try it! You guys are the absolute best!

  2. Linda Linda

    That stuff is amazing and tough. I have baskets custom lined by Jonn 6 years ago and they still look good and work. Even after they age they look good. I imagine they would look amazing hanging from a hobbit’s eave. As natural as his home. Beats coco by a mile...maybe a kilometer. The whole basket looks so much more natural and don’t I remember being told coco tends to cause the plant to dry faster? Rebel on. With moss!

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