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Until Drought Do Us Part

Until Drought Do Us Part

     One year ago, on July 1st, I changed my relationship status on Facebook from “in a relationship” to “engaged”. After what felt like seven long, somewhat bumpy, years Andrew proposed. It was very romantic and fitting. A poorly disguised double date to the Oregon Garden ended in a wonderful celebratory dinner with our closest friends.


      I was excited, and planning started almost immediately. I knew things would be in high demand after a year of postponing weddings in addition to the increasing amount of engagement posts I saw from my peers and acquaintances on Instagram. There were things that I knew for sure, I wanted a big white ballgown, the perfect shoes, and a big wedding. 


      Additionally, there were some details that I had no idea could be so complicated. Selecting tableware, securing vendors, and narrowing food choices just to name a few. There have been tears, stress, and constant awareness of just how close I am to crossing the line to full Bridezilla. The one thing I never thought I’d worry about was wedding floral arrangements.


     Andrew and I have had wonderful friends and family volunteering their services and making so much of the process go smoothly. You see, naturally, my wedding has transformed itself into an image of a pristine evening garden party. 


      Our venue is a green manicured selection of lawn paired with a pristine white gazebo that is framed by a giant willow. The garden itself is perfectly decorated with no additional touches, so of course, we have plans to bring in truckloads of additional plants. We will have hanging gardens in the windows of the gazebo, blooming towers along the aisle, and 36 feet of windowboxes to line the final rows of chairs. The bridal party will be framed with a trio of planters on either side, and the reception will be home to no fewer than 20 hanging baskets throughout. Not to mention the collection of plants that will center each table at the reception. Each guest will leave with their own plant and encouragement to “watch our love grow”.


      All of these grand plans were made with the intention of the planters to be REAL living plants. The only cut flowers that were selected were for the bouquets and boutonnieres (although there was a brief discussion on having the bridesmaids carry small hanging baskets). Plans have been in place and some of these decorations have been through the trial process and growing since April.  


      The only problem with plants, you see, is they can be very temperamental. What started as an easy and unique idea has turned into a science project. One of my experiments has been a failure so far. Four trials of blooming towers have turned into three and a half-burnt towers and one living but not a full tower. I have one more chance of getting it right.


     The second experiment has fared much better. My floral team was on a mission to create a lush trailing window box without using any large summer sunny blooms. They have come up with a masterpiece of perennials and a touch of annual bloom. The key to these boxes is that they will last! Andrew and I have the opportunity to take them to our future new home and have something from our wedding for hopefully years to come. The same can be said for our hanging gardens. All I have to do now is make sure that they, like us, stay hydrated during these hot days. 


    Now might be a good time to start to think about something that you want to last beyond a special day. A hanging basket can be added to wedding decor with coordinating colors. Poppers can be used as centerpieces then planted. Window boxes can be planted with perennials to last for an early fall wedding.


      Even wedding guests can gift their newlyweds something to brighten their new lives together, basket subscription gifts will last a whole year! If there is one piece of advice I were to offer in this wonderful experience, is leave time to plant two (at least). 


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