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The hanging of the bracket!


A most honorable and happy Memorial Day to you! To celebrate, I'm showng my humble version of courage: Drilling into the side of a house to install a bracket. It's a small step in the garden journey of turning a house into a home.


  1. Linda Linda

    Great DIY video. I nearly really heard in the video but I'm "guessing" you got permission to add that bracket and hanging basket to that house--obviously not yours at TGC. Or maybe you just run around adding brackets and leave a hanging basket as a reward because that would make any homeowner happy!! The caulking was new-I'd never heard of using caulking around brackets or screws outside but it TOTALLY makes sense. Great idea. Happy Memorial Day. It's a great day to honor and appreciate all those who do their part to keep us safe and protected. I didn't know all the history but I agree the name change was a name-changer. The end of spring and the beginning of summer... gardening wise.

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