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Spring Fever!

Spring Fever!

Ahhh, we have entered pre-spring, false spring, less wintery winter, counting down the days until March 20th season. The version of spring that comes just a little earlier than the official calendar date. This variation of spring is my spring. 


So different from the other seasons. A nice jolting roller coaster that lets you know you’re alive after a dark and cold winter. Much like the quick snap decisions made by the predictor of spring, Punxsutawney Phil, the brighter side of this season makes its appearance quickly just to vanish and leave us with mixed feelings of hope and anguish. 


Quite frequently the season picks up and changes without warning, much like our outfits during the multitudes of weather that spring brings. One day, you are bundled up in your favorite hat, sipping your coffee, admiring the snow outside from the warmth of your window, or here at the Garden Corner from our bubble office (how suave!)  The next day, you are removing layers as you are tumbled into a feverish frenzy of equal parts of racing to enjoy the sunshine and removing the evidence of winter (slightly less suave). 


In this excitement, the nursery is buzzing just under the surface. The worker bees that remain in the hive are racing to finish preparations for the queen season. It is a final push to prepare for the blooms of summer that keep us insiders busy and distracted. Yes, cold and wet may slow us down, but we are still here working to bring a beautiful season of blooms and color to our doorsteps. 


This energy at the garden center has me feeling spring fever in my home. It is a harried reorganization of every item in my sight. The urge to start fresh and change the view comes in sweeping like a rainy day. 


The need to move all the furniture in my house until perfect has kept me busy. So busy that I almost took an opportunity to reprint a previous article. However, not one spring is like another. All of the previous articles written for this late winter did not match the feverish feeling of anticipation that I have this year. Nor did they express slight anxiety about what the rest of the year may hold, the nervousness for false spring that sends us to our yards only to bring wet and cold.  


This year, spring meets me with both anticipation and hesitation. In these situations, it is important to note that spring and the phenomena known as spring fever do not correlate. While one may be rampant throughout the neighborhood, the other may still be waiting to appear. 


Spring is simply deciding which outfit to wear. It is a long and complicated process. After all the research and decision-making, you may find yourself wishing for a different outcome. So while I find myself busy with spring fever, I will continue to watch for signs of what spring may bring. In the meantime, I always carry an extra set of clothes and a pair of gloves, just in case. 



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