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Should I cut this back?

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn 'J-Dogg' Karsseboom
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Should I cut this back?


Now that I've had some thorough experience with "atmospheric rivers" I thought we could tackle the one question I'm currently getting most.




  1. Lynn Lynn

    Hi John: I’m David Winchester’s sister. I met you last October. So great to meet you!! I beg to differ on cutting back the coleus!! I brought a cutting home from our sister’s in Fairfield, California. I put it out in the summertime in the shade and keep it trimmed back, and then I bring it in in the winter time and keep it trimmed back, and it seems to do very well.

  2. Gwen M Gwen M

    Love your videos but THIS one arrived in my inbox at the perfect time. I was taking a break from yardwork and pondering what to cut back & there you were with helpful advice! wow!

  3. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Hi Guy! Yes! You may save the tubers from your sweet potato vine and grow it next season as well. It’s a bit uncommon in that for the nursery “trade” it’s a heck of a lot easier to root them from cuttings. (Also doesn’t take nearly as much room. But otherwise, have a go and let us know how it went for you. Details: yes, do store them in cool and dry and plant them in early spring. (Do not let them freeze! They love warmth!

  4. Kathy - Customer Specialist at The Garden Corner Kathy - Customer Specialist at The Garden Corner

    Connie Cummings, although called sweet potato vines, these tubers are different from the edible ones. They're much starchier and aren't very flavorful. Also, if you had to spray your basket this summer with any sort of insecticide, I definitely would not try to eat the tubers.

  5. Guy Normand Guy Normand

    We purchased 4 Passion Baskets this past May and are ready to take them down and ready to say goodbye to them and place their remains in the Yard Debris Container.
    Question: Is there any way to preserve and save the Sweet Potatoe Bulb to use next Summer. Ie. Place in saw dust over the winter? Will it sprout and grow next season if allowed to dry out like a Dahlia Bulb?

  6. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Mike, you made an excellent point! I will catch that next time! ( And this my friends, is how we all get better in our gardens!)

  7. Mike Mike

    I always enjoy these episodes! I like to hold off pruning plants that may provide food for birds and things. I kinda wish John would have mentioned that

  8. Connie Cummings Connie Cummings

    Not about pruning but I love all your videos!!!! I was cleaning out a big basket with sweet potato vine and found the tubular potato in bottom of pot..Can I eat these??? I guess it is a sweet potato?? Of Course?? Thank you Connie

  9. Carla C Albright Carla C Albright

    Oh, Jonn, I hope that damage in the first part of the video is repairable!
    Thanks for the tips...your videos always bring a smile to my day. Thank you!

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