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Oh the Nuance of Water!

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn 'J-Dogg' Karsseboom
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We’ve heard it before: “Water regularly.” What does that really mean? What does that look like (and feel like) for a hanging basket? I’ll try to explain...



  1. Julie Niemeyer Julie Niemeyer

    Hello John,
    I watch your videos while having coffee in the morning. Always makes me smile!
    Wanted you to know that I'm the early morning waterer, however, I watered 3X a day during our 115 degree windy spell a few week ago. I have 5 of the passion baskets and they didn't even hardly blink at the hot weather in full sun. I hung them up with a pulley system between the posts on our porch and they are gorgeous! Wish I could attach photos to this post.

  2. Linda Linda

    If I learned no other lesson from you, Jonn, it is water, water, water. The second lesson I learned is "drainage" because you taught me that I can overwater if I don't have good drainage. I have learned that the hard way and recently learned a pot was not draining and found the plant sitting in water, not well watered soil. I worked on the drainage and now I can go back to water, water, water to insure it looks the best and grows the best. Being an Oregonian I obsess about recycling and especially on feeding days hated the loss of all that "great" water. You reminded me with the bucket a great trick for hanging baskets is to collect the water in a 5 gallon bucket below. That helps me know when I've watered long enough for the root ball and also saves my healthy water to share with other plants and get twice as much out of my watering and feeding. It's going to be 90 tomorrow. Definitely a day to get those plants watered, watered, watered and on a schedule to insure they are as happy as my hummers with filled feeders. Love the old movie references! I may see William Holden's face in the next pot. :)

  3. Patricia Patricia

    I loved the information on watering, as I love all your videos,so informative.
    My 12” special basket with the well for 3 gallons of water overflowed the other day. Is that okay? I don’t want the roots to sit in water.

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