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Now, Award Winning!

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  • By Jonn 'J-Dogg' Karsseboom
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It's official. We have become "Award Winning." Certainly it's nice to be recoginized but the "Story of the hanging baskets" involves someone like Doug Oliphant in a community and many unspoken, unrecognized heroes. It's really a story of how an idea can come to life.



  1. Donna N Jones Donna N Jones

    I've always felt your Garden Corner was number one unique and award winning! I live in Milwaukie, and have been coming over for at least 20 years now. I was introduced to this wondorous community environment by a friend (living in Oregon City). Since It's a little bit of a jaunt to visit you, I would be in serious trouble if you were only 15 minutes away....I would be there weekly!!
    Back in the day when I began visiting, that was a time when we purchased big landscape faux rocks that looked completely real, and we transplanted them to our home when we moved 11 years ago. Your one of a kind fairy art (which after 17 years, just went through major repair and face lift! She is my most prized garden art to date!),. Then there are the trees and fun solar lights!! The variety of plants and care of your stock has always shown through.
    I've introduced many of my true rebel gardeners to Garden Corner over the years. You are a 40 minute adventure to look forward to going to visit.

    You just get better with the years. You don't sit on your laurels and Garden Corner always has something new in the way you present things. The extra effort and creative design is definitely noticed and muchly appreciated.
    Hats off to your caring and very talented artists and staff too!

  2. Linda Linda

    First, let me state that to all the visitors, buyers, neighborhood walkers, etc, The Garden Corner has been award winning to us FOREVER. Not too many places blow you away from the first visit. This place does (and I'm not being paid to say that). Second, tell Doug that was the most meaningful thing I brought back to St. Paul, MN when I was in the process of moving to Lake Oswego area. My friends drove me around the town and lake but the thing I vividly remember impressing me was the hanging baskets. Unknowingly I was being introduced to TGC as well. I didn't know that for a few years but the beauty and how striking the baskets were made me feel welcome (as you noted) and sure I would like to live here (and I do). Third, I've never seen you sitting in 7 years. I'm sure you do that but I don't remember ever seeing you doing anything but moving and doing at TGC. And fourth, a hearty congratulations on the award. We'll all proudly accept it for you (but we made you award winning a LONG LONG (30 years maybe?) LONG time ago. LIVE YOUR AWARD WINNING PASSION (and hey Mocha!)

  3. Patti Mertz Patti Mertz

    Congrats - well deserved and long overdue! I have lived in LO for 35 years and look forward to your baskets every season - so beautiful and well designed! And I love your garden shop as well -

  4. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Hi Carla! Thanks for your thoughts and comments! (You know, deep down, I’m beginning to look forward to them.) Garden On!

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