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My design thought process

My design thought process


When planting a container it begins often with an empty pot. The first step in planting it, however, is often times the most difficult and overwhelming. Here I go over some of my own thought processes...



  1. Toni Melvin Toni Melvin

    Jonn, thanks so much for this information. I get serious overwhelm trying to put plants together. I like how you broke it down in segments and walked through the different plants options. I really appreciate seeing how you put these together.

  2. Kathy Rost Kathy Rost

    What size pot are you using in this video and what are the 4 inch plants. Would they last through the fall?

  3. Cindi Buxton Cindi Buxton

    I love the finished pot! Great video, great Klezmer music, and I really like how you showed us the different options you thought through. Hope Tracy liked it!

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