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It's about your hanging basket!

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn "J-Dogg" Karsseboom
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It's about your hanging basket!


Public service annoucement! Budworm has been detected! I repeat: Budworm has been detected! So with that, this is a friendly (though urgent) reminder to spray your basket! Important links to consider: For bug control: Click Here! For watering tips: Click Here! For fertilizing tips: Click Here!


To order Budworm Terminate and Sprayer: Click Here!




  1. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Hi Peter! For the Budworm, it prefers petunias and geraniums and to a much lesser degree calibrochoas. It also will chew on nicotiana as well as the giant blooms of brugmansia. (Great question!)- Jonn

  2. Peter Talbott Peter Talbott

    Hey Jonn: what other plants need to be sprayed (or not) besides the ones in my baskets? Thanks!

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