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Five beauty secrets for the garden

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  • By Jonn ‘J-Dogg’ Karsseboom
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Five beauty secrets for the garden


I was spreading hazelnut shells in the nursery. It's a fun, relaxing job and it's instant gratification in that it suddenly enhances all the colors of the garden. It got me thinking about some plants that also share an intense sense of beauty and that can also brighten areas in the garden instantly.



  1. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    That was a good genuine belly laugh! (Thank you Linda!) The hard working salvia nemorosa is also hummingbird friendly too. (Forgot to mention that!)

  2. Linda Linda

    At some point we are going to have to have a chat (maybe over a coffee?) about the # 5. I happened to notice how many of your videos are in "5s" and have to believe there is a magic number there. Mine of course is 13. I was brought to TGC looking for hazelnut shells in 2013 on the magical day of St. Paddy's (13 must be lucky for Scot/Irish descendants). I was looking at them to deter squirrels from digging up bulbs in my Mom's pots but I also hear the broken shells are great to deter cats from using garden beds for litter boxes as well as slug deterrence. They don't like the sharp edges I hear. But I think they just look awesome in planters and in other areas of the yard. Recycle those bags! Unless (like every one I ever got!) the squirrels chew a hole in the side. LOL Empty them right away into another container and tuck the bag back in the car for the next TGC trip!! All of those look amazing. (or Stupefacente as they say in Italian). I like the options for butterflies and bees. Do hummers like them too?

    Viva la TGC! Arrivederci!

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