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Fall is in the air!

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn 'J-Dogg' Karsseboom
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It isn't quite official, but there are some wonderful, refreshing clues that can give us a clear signal that there's a change of season in the air. It begs the question: Should we continue on with our summer basket or should we begin again fresh?



  1. Linda Linda

    Interesting that the final basket had a LOT of yellow! Not that someone doesn't like that color a lot.... I'm still working on that Fall feeling with no rain to argue the change and 60 degree nights still with us. Maybe to some that sounds cool but it's not 40s! I love that whipcord. I have a couple of them in the yard and they always make me smile. And seem hardy. I had one that looked nearly gone but Sting (Ryan) argued "let it see if it can come back" and lo and behold it did. The knowledge of TGC is always available and the creativity as well. Sounds like Weds. nights might be a lot of fun but I'm still more of a coffee gal. Maybe on those cooler mornings discussing new gardening projects and water woes. Love the special effects video! What would we do with two Jonns???? Rebel On!

  2. Tricia Windhorn Tricia Windhorn

    Ummmm. Yes, please! See you next Wednesday! Love your videos! Inspiration needed. Thank you, Jonn!

  3. Linda Petros Linda Petros

    Your videos are very informative! We love using the planting bar- some wine would be great....

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