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Cold front in the garden! Emergency!

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  • By Jonn ‘J-Dogg’ Karsseboom
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Cold front in the garden! Emergency!

Emergency Fellow Gardeners! (To a degree). This next week has the temperatures falling at night to 20 degrees! As a gardener, that sometimes calls for worry. I go over the list to keep your garden safe.



  1. Linda Linda

    Only people who prefer sandals need to worry about toes. Loved watching the hummers. You can also take the feeders in at night and get them out early but they do like to freeze during the day when that cold. Feeders in protected areas with eaves out of the wind freeze less too. Or hung on a window. The heat through the window helps. Maybe you need a hummer cam running on that tree for people to enjoy. Especially those unlucky enough not to have year round hummers. We are so lucky here.

  2. Linda Linda

    Charles we are lucky enough to have hummings year round. And the LOVE The Garden Corner with all the plants as well as all the feeders. They have Jonn trained well maintaining feeders and keeping track of the best hummer attracting plants.

  3. Carla Carla

    When I saw my hellebores yesterday morning (Wednesday the 23rd), I was sick at heart as the flowers had all wilted in the cold weather. But today they are back to normal! Thanks, Jon, for reassuring me they would be okay.

  4. Mary T Mary T

    Loved the quantity, quality and practical usability of the info you've shared here. (And I'm so relieved that my crazy metal chickens would be fine, if I ever got the urge to acquire a few.) Many thanks!

  5. Charles Gummer Charles Gummer

    I can’t believe you have all those type of plants to sale. We don’t see those here in MD. And the hummingbirds I haven’t seen one here since the September. Great ideas in video. I just got some stuff to start my seedlings.

  6. Bierman Bierman

    Thanks for that detailed insight for this cold coming that includes more than just plants, but hummingbird feeders and fountains too!

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