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Ahhhhhh, some problems in the garden.

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  • By Jonn ‘J-Dogg’ Karsseboom
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Ahhhhhh, some problems in the garden.


It was just an ordinary day when I found myself fixing a few "problems" in the nursery. (Yes, sometimes things don't work as well as they should.) It got me thinking. What about plant problems? What if I were a Heuchera? Or a Euphorbia? What if I lived as a sweet potato vine or a fuchsia? Are there some things that would help me be the plant I was meant to be?



  1. Debbie Debbie

    Thank you for the great tips. I did learn a few new things. It was great to see you in McMInnville last Sunday.

  2. Linda Linda

    Hopefully you won't get this twice--there was some problem and it was supposedly rejected the first time.

    I noted it is good to know about the heuchera because I've noticed the balling but wasn't sure other than to clean up any areas that looked old or dead. I'll have to watch again about what you said with the soil. Of course if you have some varmint dig it up and toss it out of the planter (yes, it happened) in the winter you don't have a problem. I put it back but I guess the trauma was too great. I came and bought a replacement to get my symmetry back. Yes, it is better now. I also have a euphorbia I think (something like that) that gets really long and leggy and looks pretty ugly so between postings I went out and snip, snip and it's down now. It usually looks much better when it comes back out and I usually can go back and pull out the hollow stubs to clean it up a bit more. I remember the fuchsia stories about your mom. I think you did an article about it. Telling about how all of you would sit out on the porch/steps and enjoy the early evening and she would busy herself with the fuchsia. Good memories. I'm sure the hummers are grateful for all those days you labored on their behalf to get the plant blooming more. Good tips! Rebel On (and let's hope this one makes it!)

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