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A summer basket for shade!

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn "J-Dogg" Karsseboom
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Ahhhhhh summer. (and summer days!) Ever notice though, that when the going gets hot the tough seek the shade? Let's improve upon the shade since we'll be there anyway.



  1. Linda Linda

    Our treats and TV and movies might have been more sugary and less than now but oh we did appreciate them so much then! And playing after with sticky hands! Plants unlike birds are still "something-something" for the names but my recognition of the different ones has grown with my years of listening to and visiting with TGC. Like children who sat in the social circle days before books and other entertainment and learned from those smarter and practiced. I never visit TGC without gaining some awareness of my environment. And that crank for the heavy basket and the stroll around the property was enjoyable. You are right about the shorter days. Darker longer in the AM and getting darker and cooler faster in the evenings. I was just noticing that more last night. It nearly felt like fall and yet our summer colors and produce are still with us.

  2. Diane Diane

    Awesome shade container ! In step 1 what did you use to line the container before the plastic? I have moved to Central Or, but watch & learn from your wonderful videos. Thank you!

  3. Victoria Lucius Victoria Lucius

    HUMMMM..Loved the ideas! However could you ALSO build a lighter, smaller, more practical shade basket that just requires human strength to move and hang?
    Most of us cannot build such a heavy/large basket.... Maybe place on hanger from the ground? Just a thought... Loved the music!

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