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A mid-summer garden evaluation

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn "J-Dogg" Karsseboom
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Mid -summer is a fun time to take a step back and evaluate the garden. Was there a big difference between our original dream and our summer's reality? Either way it also stands as a great moment to trim and course correct. And to stop and enjoy.



  1. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Whenever I think of Balance and Symmetry you are the first to come to mind. (I still remember planting your wreaths!)

  2. Linda Linda

    In my gardening innocence I thought growth was good because I hadn't killed it yet. Not too confident about my ability to keep a plant going. I can still remember coleus being so "whew!" that it grew so well but you talk about leggy. I wouldn't have pruned anything in my gratitude to see it survive but did it get UGLY! I've been educated and though I still marvel I don't kill plants I cannot let a flower stalk hang around on my heuchuras. And it pays. The hard part is not pinching off flower stalks on someone else's Heuchuras. LOL But I moved two in the spring and they are so happy where they are in the "cursed" planters. The contrast between the vivid Heuchuras against the cool blue-green of the shrubs in front (please don't ask me to remember their name) makes my front yard POP. If they were all leggy and scraggly with stalks or flowers it wouldn't be the same. Balance and symmetry are my favorite words! Love the neighbor walks. Tualatin is so beautiful with TGC touches to enjoy when walking.

  3. Lilly Lilly

    As always, a cheerful and informative video. But, what about petunias? How do I deadhead/prune them for continued summer bloom and growth? Thank you!

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