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A Hanging Basket to Eat

  • Posted on
  • By Jonn ‘J-Dogg’ Karsseboom
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Ever have two sides of yourself? One side is practical and the other enjoys the nice things that make life, well fun. It's nice when our two sides are in complete agreement.



  1. Linda Linda

    They always say you eat with your eyes first. That colorful salad certainly satisfies the eyes AND the stomach. I always see pansies for sale as decorative food in the store but admittedly never thought about using the ones in the hanging basket. I do love my chives plant. Hardy and always ready to share with me when I am ready to cook. I liked that copper something-something basket along side the one you selected but I have to say I was guessing which one you would pick and I picked that one! Must be all those years discussing gardening. Like minds. Great way to enjoy Fall. It went from summer and dry to wet and cool really fast. And you are right about how beautiful those blueberry plants are in the Fall. Love the color. Passion Pansy Healthy Salad. Looks like a good one for dinner!

  2. Joyce astrup Joyce astrup

    Loved edible hanging basket idea. Understand need to place out of frost. But how much sun would the covered area need to provide?

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