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A garden design tip for your home

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  • By Jonn 'J-Dogg' Karsseboom
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A garden design tip for your home if you happen to have on it, a pillar. Hang tight here, of course, I'm just going into nerdy detail of what it might take to hang a bracket on one of those gorgeous posts. Warning here: Once you see, you may not be able to unsee.



  1. Jonn Karsseboom Jonn Karsseboom

    Linda, you just made me want to create a t-shirt with the definition of Pillar. (And then a photo of a pillar and hanging basket of course.). So many pillars…

  2. Linda Linda

    Pillar: a supporting, integral, or upstanding member or part. I would say TGC is the pillar of our neighborhood and community. I've walked around other streets and homes and I don't think many places outshine our neighborhood around The Garden Corner. I think TGC has a lot to do with that. I know I wouldn't have an appreciation or desire to "make it so" for my own yard if I hadn't been inspired by the knowledge and beauty of TGC for the last seven+ years. I would argue I'm prejudiced but I've had visitors indicate the same. TGC has taught us how to use pillars and other means of showcasing our homes and we enjoy seeing how others are inspired as we walk. Thanks! No pillars in my yard but I know Tualatin homes seem to like pillars--especially the newer homes in our area.

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