Year Round Passion Basket 2.0 Subscription (Monthly)


Ta da! Introducing our year round passion basket 2.0 monthly subscription service. Pay $24.99 per month for 12 months, and you'll first get a spring/summer 2.0 passion basket with the two main colors of your choice. We'll add in other colors and foliage as needed to make a lush, gorgeous floral display from late spring to early fall. Then, as the days shorten and the temps start dropping, you'll get a fall/winter basket with a mixture of evergreen plants and hardy winter annuals (you choose the two main colors), designed to last right up until our spring/summer baskets are ready for hanging again. Both baskets are the same size and design, with a 3-gallon reservoir to keep your plants healthier and happier, especially during the hot days of summer.

In addition to choosing the main color palette and letting us know if you want a sun or shade basket, you have several add-in options. Check the box if you want us to deliver your spring/summer passion basket. Then when the fall/winter baskets are ready, we'll pick up the spent summer basket when we deliver the fresh fall/winter basket. Let us know if you want to add in the basket care kit that includes a quart of Flower Power, Budworm Terminate (lots of green foliage and no flowers? Probably budworm), and Insect Terminate. Want something festive for the holiday season? Check the box for an additional holiday evergreens basket. 

Need more details? Give us a call or text The Garden Corner, (971) 512-2688 - we'll be happy to chat!


Season: Year-round, two separate baskets
Light: You tell us - sun or shade
Height: 20 inches (basket only)
Width: 18 inch diameter (basket only)
Length: Overall measurements will vary, based upon types of plants used, light exposure, and watering
Weight: 50 - 60 pounds
Photos: Real images, not stock photos
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