Verbena 'Endurascape Blue' 4 inch

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The Endurascape verbenas are prized for their heat tolerance in the summer and cold hardiness in the winter, often reblooming the following spring. 'Endurascape Blue' verbena trails up to 24" with violet blue flower clusters lasting throughout the summer, perfect for hanging baskets and container planters, or along retaining walls and borders. Endurascape verbena are somewhat drought tolerant when planted directly in the garden, but should be watered and fertilized regularly when used in container planters and hanging baskets.

Common Name: Endurascape Blue Verbena
Mature Size: 8" - 12" tall, 18" - 24" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: 0 ° F
Light: Sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Blue
Bloom Time: Late spring through summer
Structure: Trailing
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