Single Curved Bracket

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Gardeners don't often realize how heavy hanging baskets can get, especially when freshly watered. Our single curved bracket can handle a 45-pound, 12-inch diameter container - ample for our basic and rebel baskets. Sturdy and attractive, this bracket works equally well for our other moss- or coco-lined, 10 to 14 inch hanging baskets.

Description: Single Curved Bracket
Use: Outdoor hanging baskets
Material: Wrought iron
Size: 14" high, 3-1/2 " wide, 16" deep (from plate to hook). Plate is 3-1/2" wide by 6"
Weight: 3 pounds
Maximum Basket Size: Approximately 12 inches in diameter
Maximum Basket Weight: 45 pounds
Additional Info: Fasten with 4 lag bolts
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