Sanvitalia 'Tsavo Yellow' 4 Inch

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Commonly known as Creeping Zinnia, Sanvitalia 'Tsavo Yellow' is much daintier in size than actual zinnias and forms a nice compact mound of fresh green foliage dotted generously with bright yellow flowers. Growing less than a foot tall and up to a foot wide, 'Tsavo Yellow' is a natural along walkways in the garden, or planted in container planters or hanging baskets as a combination spiller-filler. Though allegedly hardy down to 0 degrees, sanvitalia is grown as an annual in the Pacific NW. 

Common Name: Creeping Zinnia
Mature Size: 6" - 8" tall, 10" - 12" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Late spring to fall
Structure: Mounding, spreading
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