Rubus 'Marionberry' 1 Gallon

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Summer is berry time, and Marionberries have been cited as one of the tastiest blackberries around. Fruits form on one-year old canes that can reach up to 20 feet long, so be sure to provide support for these thorny vines. Full sun will make the sweetest berries, and resist the urge to pick berries too soon. When the shiny skins start to dull, that's when the berry will be at its tastiest. Excellent for eating off the vine, marionberries are also an industry standard for preserves, baked goods, juicing, and freezing. Old canes that have already yielded fruit should be removed in the fall, making way for the fruit-bearing canes for the following year.

Common Name: Marionberry
Culinary Uses: Fresh, baked, jams/jellies, juices, freezing
Harvest Time: Summer
Mature Size: Canes can reach 20 feet in length; fruits are generally conical in shape, about 1" long
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: 0 ° F
Light: Full sun
Structure: Trailing vines
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