Raspberry 'Raspberry Shortcake' 2 Gallon

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'Raspberry Shortcake' raspberry is indeed short, requiring no staking and forming a rounded shrub about three feet tall and wide. This little wonder is also thornless, so children and adults can pick off the medium-sized red berries with no risk of scratches. Growers state that 'Raspberry Shortcake' berries ripen between June and July, and have a unique vanilla flavor. While you can plant this variety with other raspberries in the ground, consider putting this one in a larger container planter on the patio or along a walkway, anywhere it will get full sun. 

Common Name: Raspberry Shortcake Raspberry
Culinary Uses: Fresh or cooked
Harvest Time: Summer
Mature Size: Rounded shrub is 3' tall and wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: -10 ° F
Light: Full sun
Structure: Rounded shrub
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