Osteospermum '4D Sunburst' 1 Gallon

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Typical African daisies will close up with the sinking of the sun, but not so '4D Sunburst' African daisies! These stay bright-eyed and open, showing off buttery yellow, double blooms, another unusual feature of African daisies. Give this variety full sun for best effect in the garden or in container planters, water and fertilize regularly, remove spent blooms, and enjoy all summer long.

Common Name: African Daisy 4D Sunburst
Mature Size: 8" - 12" tall, 12" - 18" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Grown as frost sensitive annual
Light: Full sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Late spring to fall
Structure: Mounding
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