One-Touch Battery Spray Bottle

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Calatheas, ferns, pileas, philodendrons and a host of other tropical house plants all appreciate a higher humidity than most of our homes provide. Time and again, misting has been the solution for preventing brown, crispy edged leaves. Dedicated indoor gardeners who haven't invested in an electric humidifier may find this battery-operated, one-touch spray bottle just the tool for the job. Put in two AA batteries, screw on the top, then press the yellow button. As long as you depress the button, a fine mist will come out - no more repetitive pumping. It may be a bit of an extravagance, but think how much time and effort you put into keeping your house plants looking their best. This is well worth it.  

Description: One-Touch Battery Spray Bottle
Use: Misting house plants
Material: Plastic
Size: One quart capacity
Additional Info: Uses 2, AA batteries
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