Iresine 'Blazin Lime' 4 Inch

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Chartreuse colors really pop in shadier gardens, and fortunately, there are many plants available with that bright yellow-green tone. Iresine 'Blazin Lime,' also known as bloodleaf, definitely fills the bill, and especially when it gets some morning sun or all-day filtered sun. Distinctly veined, green leaves line rose-red stems that reach about a foot in height, but can spread almost double that. Pinching the new growth when the plant is young will create a dense, upright plant, and is a beautiful companion plant to begonias, impatiens, and torenia for bright summer color in the shade. Iresine 'Blazin Lime' works equally well in borders and in container planters. Upright plumes of airy flowers top the foliage.

Common Name: Bloodleaf
Mature Size: 12" - 16" tall, 12" - 24" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost-sensitive annual
Light: Morning sun, afternoon shade, or all-day filtered sun
Bloom Color: White
Bloom Time: Spring
Structure: Upright
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