DurCott Hanging Basket 12 Inch

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Is it possible that a real live gardener had some input when this hanging basket was made? Lightweight and resistant to fading due to exposure to the sun, the DurCott basket comes in three solid colors (with matching soft mesh cords for hanging) with some practical options. Want to use the hanging basket indoors? Keep the removable plug in to prevent leaks on furniture and floors. A plastic insert in the bottom of the pot creates a mini-reservoir, keeping roots out of standing water (with or without the plug removed), giving that extra bit of moisture to plants when gardeners forget to water or when days are hot. And even though cords and clips are provided for hanging this oh-so-nifty basket, you don't have to hang it. The bottom of the pot is flat, and can be placed on any flat surface.

Description: DurCott Hanging Basket 12 Inch
Use: Indoor or outdoor hanging basket
Color: Three colors available - green, charcoal gray, stone
Material: Plastic
Size: 12" diameter, basket 6" deep, basket with hanger 25" long
Additional Info: Comes with an optional reservoir and removable plug.
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