Asplenium scolopendrium

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Hart's Tongue Fern is an attractive, out-of-the-ordinary evergreen fern for shade gardens. Its solid strap-like, wavy-edged fronds form an upright arching clump, with the dark sori (spores) forming neat rows on the backs of mature fronds. Hart's Tongue will contrast nicely with other ferns, and provides year-round fresh green foliage to container planters, hanging baskets, and woodland gardens. It can be brought indoors as a houseplant, and does equally well in indoor planters.    

Common Name: Hart's Tongue Fern
Mature Size: 18" tall and wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: -10° F
Characteristics: Evergreen, pet-friendly, can be grown as a houseplant
Light: Full shade to part shade
Structure: Mounding
Bloom Color: N/A
Bloom Time: N/A
Uses: Containers, hanging baskets and woodland gardens
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