Asplenium nidus 4 Inch

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Pleated Bird's Nest Fern is an unusual specimen with wide, wavy, solid leaves that arch upwards in a fountain shape. New growth emerges from the center, or "bird's nest," and slowly unfurl. They thrive in more humid environments and can handle lower light, so bathrooms may be the ideal home for them. Try not to water the center of the plant, as water tends to pool in the "nest," possibly causing the fern to rot. Bird's Nest Ferns are efficient air purifiers and are non-toxic to pets and humans alike.

Common Name: Pleated Bird's Nest Fern, Asplenium Nidus Crispy Wave, Bird's Nest Fern
Mature Size: 2 - 3 feet tall, up to 2 feet wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Optimum Temperature: 60°-80° F
Characteristics: House plant, pet -friendly, air purifier
Light: Moderate light, no direct sun
Water: Water thoroughly when surface soil begins to dry
Structure: Upright rounded
Bloom Color: N/A
Uses: Houseplant, indoor container planters
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