Ariel Balcony Box

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It's tough to garden when the only space you have is an apartment balcony. Limited space plus no-drip etiquette rules will frustrate the most ardent gardener. The Ariel balcony box may be the answer. Only 7 inches wide and almost 20 inches long, there's room enough to grow herbs, lettuce, and/or small flowering annuals, and the one-quart capacity reservoir will ensure adherence to no-drip policies. A discreet plastic cross bar keeps the long sides from bulging out as the plants grow, so there shouldn't be any soil leakage either. Attractive enough to bring indoors for houseplants as well.

Description: Ariel Balcony Box
Use: Indoor or outdoor planter
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Size: 7" wide, 19-3/4" long, 6-1/4" tall
Additional Info: 1 liter water reservoir
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