Wire and Wood No Glass Terrarium Planter

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One problem with terrariums is that the containers will naturally restrict the size of the plants you use. Over-exuberant plants often have to be removed, possibly disrupting the other inhabitants. This glassless terrarium planter will solve that problem. Trailers can go as far as you're willing to let them trail, climbers or taller specimens can rise above the metal frame. This would be perfect for one of the smaller leafed climbers like the Variegated Climbing Fig in combination with tidier plants such as a pilea or peperomia. Succulents would also work well in this no-glass terrarium.

Description: Wire and Wood No Glass Terrarium Planter
Use: Indoor planter
Color: Black frame, blond wooden planter
Material: Coated metal and untreated wood
Size: Frame - 11.5" long x 8" wide x 12" tall. Box is 9.75" long x 6.75" wide x 4" deep.
Additional Info: No drain hole
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