Vaccinium vitis-idaea 'Koralle' Quart

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'Koralle Lingonberry' serves double duty as a low growing, evergreen ornamental shrub or groundcover, and as a source of tart red berries that can be made into preserves, syrups, wines, and baked goods. Small dense leaves will take on bronze tones in the winter, and revert to a deep green the rest of the year. This lingonberry can handle full sun and a fair amount of shade, but may produce more fruit in sunnier locations. 'Koralle Lingonberry' reaches about a foot tall, with a reported spread of up to two feet wide, and does well in borders, rock gardens, woodland gardens, large containers and as a ground cover. Birds and bees find the flowers and berries attractive, and deer tend to ignore it.

Common Name: Koralle Lingonberry, Cowberry, Lowbush Cranberry
Culinary Uses: Berries may be eaten fresh, cooked, or used in jams, preserves, wines, and syrups.
Harvest Time: Mid-summer to fall
Mature Size: Shrub 1 foot tall, up to 2 feet wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: -30° F
Light: Full sun to part shade
Structure: Low spreading
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