Tradescantia zebrina 'Purple' 2 Inch

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Wandering Jew plants are so easy to grow, they quickly build the confidence of new indoor gardeners. The silvery purple, almost juicy looking foliage trails beautifully with little effort, and is even forgiving of an occasional missed watering. The red undersides of the wrap-around leaves add visual interest and color to an already beautiful plant. Too little sunlight may lessen the color and striping of the leaves, and if the stems get too leggy, simply pinch them back.  

Common Name: Wandering Jew, Inch Plant
Mature Size: 4 - 8" tall, up to 24" long
Growth Rate: Fast
Optimum Temperature: 60°-80° F
Characteristics: Houseplant, trailing habit, perfect for hanging baskets, container planters
Light: Well-lit room, no direct sun
Water: Water thoroughly when surface soil is dry
Structure: Trailing
Bloom Color: N/A
Uses: Houseplant, indoor container planters, hanging baskets
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