Tall Cone Pot Chili Red

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Yes, these pots are indeed an investment, and like any good investment, they will give you years of service. Sturdy, heavy-duty, and able to withstand our Pacific NW weather, these ceramic pots add spark and beauty to your garden.  Use these pots for year-round planters, swapping out annuals as the seasons change, while leaving evergreens and perennials as foundation plants. We can convert almost any of our ceramic pots into bubble fountains - just ask and we'll give you the details.

Description: Tall Cone Pot Chili Red
Use: Outdoor container planter, bubble fountain
Color: Chili red
Material: Ceramic, high-fired
Size 1: 23" tall, 10" diameter
Size 2: 36" tall, 15" diameter
Additional Info: Extremely durable due to high-fired clay. Available for local delivery or pickup only.
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