Strelitzia reginae 1 Gallon

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Bird of Paradise is an excellent outdoor bloomer during the summer with its signature bird-shaped flowers that individually last about a week each, but bloom in succession on the same spathe over several weeks. Treated as an annual in the Pacific NW, the Bird of Paradise can be brought indoors when the temps drop so the equally impressive foliage can be enjoyed during the cold days of fall and winter. Eventually reaching five to six feet in height, Bird of Paradise could be grown indoors as a specimen-sized house plant.

Common Name: Bird of Paradise
Mature Size: 5-6ft. tall and 3-4ft. wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: 60° F
Light: Full sun, indoors in the winter
Bloom Color: Orange with dark blue flower, spathe pink and green
Bloom Time: Summer
Structure: Upright
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