Square Woodland Hanging Basket

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This woven wood fiber basket is absolutely stunning when planted up. We often use it for shade baskets, as it seems to be a natural setting for ferns, tuberous begonias, fuchsias and the like. That said, it looks just as great as a sun basket, and can be hung or placed on a flat surface without the hanger. Can't decide what to put in this beauty? We're happy to give you ideas and suggestions. Plant it up at The Garden Corner using our soil and fertilizer, and enjoy a complimentary latte while doing it. We'll clean up after you!

Description: Square Woodland Hanging Basket
Use: Outdoor hanging basket
Color: Brown and tan
Material: Wood fiber basket (plastic liner), metal hanger
Size: 10" square across top, 7" deep, basket plus hanger, 20" long
Additional Info: Basket can be placed on flat surfaces - hanger is removable.
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