Senecio v. 'Serpents' 1 gal

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To say the least, Blue Chalk Fingers is a rather extraordinary looking succulent with fleshy, long blue-green fingers on an upright stem. Though not technically hardy in the Pacific NW, we have successfully grown this succulent in an outdoor planter that was somewhat protected from the elements. Planted with other evergreen and annual plants, Blue Chalk Fingers reached a height of about 18" and was 12" across. If you don't want to risk losing this unique specimen to cold weather, consider planting it in its own container so you can bring it indoors for the winter. 

Common Name: Blue Chalk Fingers, Narrow-leaf Chalk Fingers
Mature Size: 12 - 18" tall and wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: 30 ° F
Characteristics: Evergreen, deer-resistant, drought tolerant once established
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Upright spreading
Bloom Color: N/A
Bloom Time: N/A
Uses: Rock gardens, container planters, borders
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