Sempervivum 'Glowing Embers' 4 inch

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Don't be surprised if your 'Glowing Embers' Hens and Chicks looks different in the spring than when you bought it in the summer or fall. Gray-green rosette hearts in spring turn orange-red in the summer, then become bronze colored in the fall. A fun succulent that foretells the changes of seasons, 'Glowing Embers' works well in rock gardens, along borders, or in container planters, including terrariums.

Common Name: Hens and Chicks
Mature Size: 3" tall, 6" wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: -25 ° F
Characteristics: Winter-hardy succulent - evergreen in the Pacific NW, drought-tolerant once established
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Low growing
Bloom Color: Rose-red
Bloom Time: Summer
Uses: Rock gardens, container planters, borders, hanging baskets
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