Sansevieria 'Black Coral' 10 Inch

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Snake plant, aka Mother-in-Law's Tongue, is a great starter plant for those new to indoor gardening. It can handle the occasional missed waterings but doesn't like soggy feet. And though it prefers a well-lit room, it can live in low-light environments. 'Black Coral' is so named because the new growth is almost black when it emerges, and without the signature wavy horizontal bands of grayish-green; those appear as the leaves mature. Best not to let your human or fur kids chew on sansevieras as they are mildly toxic.  

Common Name: Snake Plant, Mother-in-law's Tongue
Mature Size: 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide
Growth Rate: Slow
Optimum Temperature: 65°-75° F
Characteristics: House plant, mildly toxic to dogs, cats, and humans, air purifier
Light: Prefers well-lit room but can handle low light
Water: Water thoroughly when surface soil is dry
Structure: Upright
Bloom Color: N/A
Uses: Houseplant, indoor container planters
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