Resin Woven Hanging Basket

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Some hanging baskets seem most suitable for the spring and summer, but this resin woven hanging basket lends itself to year-round use. Durable resin is woven over a metal frame and the plastic lining helps retain moisture and soil. At 13" across, this basket is big enough to accommodate small evergreens along with seasonal color. Can't decide what to put in this beauty? We're happy to give you ideas and suggestions. Plant it up at The Garden Corner using our soil and fertilizer, and enjoy a complimentary latte while doing it. We'll clean up after you!

Description: Resin Woven Hanging Basket
Use: Outdoor hanging basket
Color: Three colors available - brown, tan, or gray
Material: Resin basket, plastic lined; metal frame and hanger
Size: 13" diameter, 8" deep, basket plus hanger, 26" long
Additional Info: Metal framework, plastic lined
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