Pressed Coco w/Poly Liner

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Anyone who has ever tried to line a hanging basket with a sheet of coco mat knows how challenging that task can be. Too thick, too stiff, too unwieldy - coco mat has bested many a determined gardener. This pressed, preformed coco mat liner may keep you from pulling out your hair, and let's you get on with the fun, rewarding part of actually planting your hanging basket. Three sizes available with a plastic, perforated liner. The use of the liner is optional, but may be worth using to keep the basket from drying out too quickly.

Description: Pressed Coco w/Poly Liner
Use: Replace old hanging basket liners
Color: Tan
Material: Coco mat
Size 1: 12" diameter, 6" deep
Size 2: 14" diameter, 7" deep
Size 3: 16" diameter, 8" deep
Additional Info: Can be used with or without poly liner
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