Podocarpus gracilior 1 Gallon

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African Fern Pine is a conifer but not really a pine, nor does it look like one. Narrow, gray-green foliage on gracefully drooping branches create an open, airy look, providing both shade and some privacy. This evergreen can be grown in a large container while still young, but could eventually reach 40 - 50 feet in height, spreading half as much. That said, it does take well to pruning and can be kept smaller with regular pruning. Hardy down to 20 degrees, Fern Podocarpus may not appreciate prolonged or extreme cold spells, so consider growing this unusual conifer in a container that can be sheltered under the eaves during cold snaps.

Common Name: Fern Podocarpus, African Fern Pine
Mature Size: 40 - 50 feet tall, 20 - 25 feet wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: 20 ° F
Characteristics: Evergreen, takes well to pruning/topiary, deer resistant
Light: Full sun to partial sun
Structure: Upright
Bloom Color: N/A
Bloom Time: N/A
Uses: Container planters, specimen, annual
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